Monday, February 18, 2013

Play Time Again

Life interrupted, as it is wont to do. All good things, so I am not complaining. So, onto today's play time. One of the design suggestions I received was the idea of using the language of another form of design to create in my form of design. In more specific terms, to use the language of Lighting Design to create costume designs.
Composition, Visibility, Modeling, Information, Mood, Focus, Intensity, Color, Direction, Distribution, Texture, and Movement.

I've been pondering the idea of costumes with direction. Wondering what that could be. I had some ideas, but they weren't really inspiring me, so today I decided to sketch them out, see what happened when I could really see them. It led to an interesting place.

Dress pinned to a wall, Up dress, 2 Down Dresses
More Up dresses, 2 Left ensembles

Sideways Ensembles
Using other ensemble members to create shape/direction

Attaching stretchy fabric costumes to pins on a  wall with a performer inside. Creates Shapes.
What if it were strings rather than solid pieces of fabric?

I like a lot of these ideas and images. I think the down dresses are very evocative. I think the up dresses with string are really dynamic. I think the bodies attached to walls making shapes could be really interesting, if a little disconcerting for the performers. Do the shapes change? Do they tell stories and interact?

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