Saturday, February 2, 2013


Was perusing Facebook last night and came across a shared post. Apparently an artist friend was doing a face exercise and wanted others to join in. I hopped over to his site, grabbed the template and drew some faces. I played a little with making some more realistic and others more loosey goosey, the way I draw when I just want to get an idea of something down. (The way I started drawing in fashion school.) This morning I traced some over and played some more with the markers. I didn't get to do as much exploration as I wanted because while Eilir was content playing with play doh while I washed dishes, it was not possible for me to be in the same room as her and NOT share the markers. At least in her opinion. So I had to quick dash off a few strokes of color before hiding the box.

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  1. These are great! Thanks for taking the time to try the exercise and post the results!